Your Ultimate Guide To Eyebrow Growth Serums

The face’s defining feature, the eyebrows, has the power to make or ruin your entire appearance. To learn about brow trends, products, and procedures to create the ideal brows you want, check out this comprehensive guide to browse!

Before a few decades ago, nobody altered their eyebrows in any way. What led to the change into a brow obsession?

Let’s speak about why brows are so crucial before we move on to the procedure.

In addition to the practical function of preventing sweat, dust, and other particles from getting into our eyes, eyebrows are also present on our faces for aesthetic reasons.

Face-framing brows.

Your face’s canvas is better shaped when your brows are well-defined, enabling you to use makeup to highlight various features.

Your cosmetic look (or even simply your face!) may appear chaotic or disorganized if your brows tend to grow out untamed and in random places. Your brows may appear blocky and incredibly unnatural if they are well structured with distinct lines and hard edges.

Now since there are no rules in makeup, you should rock your brows as you choose! Continue to pursue your happiness.

The majority of people, however, like brows that are defined between these two extremes.

Brow trends

The 1990s and 2000s saw a major resurgence of thin brows.

Throughout the world, ladies and celebrities pluck their brows until they are pencil thin, perhaps barely a hair or two broad.

A more natural brow was popular in the late 2000s and the early 2010s, although it was short-lived.

A thicker, more defined brow became fashionable in the middle of the 2010s.

When I first started doing makeup, this style of brow started to gain popularity. It has a clean appearance since it is clearly defined and crisp.

The amazing thing about “Instagram Brows” is that they appear fantastic in Instagram photos. In person, they don’t appear as fantastic.

In 2019, eyebrows are once again slightly more natural – still distinct, but more so.

Different brow products

To assist define and shape your brows, there are many different types of brow products available. Let’s go over each one in more depth.


TWEEZERMAN tweezers are without a doubt regarded as the best of the best. Tweezers are the simplest and safest tool to use while grooming your own brows to keep them neat!

You can always have your brows professionally done (and if you’ve never had them shaped, you might want to have them done once and then continue the shape on your own!) However, if you have faith in your skills, these tweezers will pay for themselves after a few uses.

Spoolies and Brow Brushes

You need quality equipment whether you’re filling in the brows with powder, pomade, or another product.

For good reason, angled brow brushes are the most preferred choice. You can regulate the amount of product you apply and create creases with hair-like depth by using small, precise strokes.

The market is flooded with brow brushes and spoolies. To be completely honest, I don’t think the spoolie side really matters. You must have one, but it doesn’t really matter which one you have as they are all essentially the same. The brush side is what counts most. Your eyebrows won’t look the way you want them to if you choose a poor brush!

These brow brushes are the most well-liked among them, and for good reason – they are accurate, strong, and excellent.


When applied with a brush, brow powder can produce defined, soft brows that look natural.

With a powder, you usually can’t be as accurate as you can with a pencil or pomade. The powder is great for filling in bare spots and giving your brows a polished appearance overall, but it can’t be used to create precise hair-like strokes.

I began by filling in my brows with powder because I could apply it lightly and avoid being overly dramatic. Additionally, because it’s simple to maintain clean, it’s fantastic for makeup artists!


Consider pomade to be gel eyeliner in a tiny pot, but for your eyebrows instead of your eyes. Sincerely, that is what it is! To define your brows, take a tiny quantity of a product and apply it using a brush similar to those mentioned above.

In general, pomades linger longer on the skin than pencils, particularly ABH’s pomade, which is renowned for remaining effective during extreme weather, strenuous activity, and showers. Although I can’t guarantee it, it’s probably the best you can find.

When you apply your brows, you only need a tiny bit of pomade, so a small container of DIPBROW will actually last you a VERY long time.


Because they are so simple to use and so well-liked, brow pencils are widely available.

You don’t need any more instruments while using a brow pencil. They are convenient and excellent for travel. There are SO MANY alternatives available, all in various hues, sizes, and textures.

You can define your brows with dramatic lines and hair-like strokes using a brow pencil with a fine tip. You may soften the lines and give your brows a softer appearance by using the built-in spoolie on the other end of the brush. I think brow pencils are quite versatile, especially with all the many kinds that different companies are making!


Think of a little mascara brush filled with hair-color-coordinating mascara. It’s a brow gel, bam!

The look of brow hairs is thickened and given more volume with brow gels, which also stiffen the hairs to keep them in place all day. They work well for those who naturally have full brows and for those who prefer simple, undetectable definitions.

You can get colored or clear brow gel. Both will aid in hair retention throughout the day, but only colored gel will create depth and give the impression that your brows are fuller.

The eyebrow growth serums, or “conditioners,” as dermatologists prefer to call them, as listed. However, feel free to experiment on your own if you believe that your sparse or absent brows are just the result of aging, excessive brow plucking in your youth, or naturally thin arches.




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