Glaucoma laser surgery- The top 3 reasons the surgery could be relied upon

Glaucoma is a deterioration that affects the optic nerve. It is a chronic as well as progressive deterioration. Glaucoma is caused and worsened by pressure within the eye. This pressure is too high for the continued health of the nerve. The proven treatment for Glaucoma involves lowering the pressure within the eye for preventing/slowing the damage to the optic nerve f95zone. Glaucoma laser surgery is a type of surgery that happens if there is damage to the eye.

Why are laser surgeries for eye issues and diseases?

Laser surgeries are necessary for the treatment of various eye issues and diseases. There are varied types of laser surgery performed for treating the problem of Glaucoma. The type of surgery would depend on the Glaucoma form and its severity.

How does Laser work?

The lasers produce a focused beam of light which could make small burn/opening within the eye tissue. It depends on light beam strength. The laser surgeries are performed in a setting with the office of a doctor or the clinic within a hospital.

In laser surgery, the eyes are numbed for little/no pain. The eye doctor holds a special lens to the eye. This beam is aimed within the eye and there is bright light like the flash of the camera.

Common laser surgeries for treating Glaucoma includes-

  1. Selective laser Trabeculoplasty- SLT involves a laser that functions at low levels and can treat cells selectively. The SLT might be repeated safely. The SLT might be an alternative to the ones getting treated unsuccessfully with ALT or the drops that lower the pressure.
  2. Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty- This has lowered eye pressure in nearly 75% of the patients who are treated. This is for primary open-angle glaucoma.
  3. Laser peripheral iridotomy- This for the treatment of the narrow angled Glaucoma. This angle can block the drainage of fluid and increase pressure within the inner eye.

Apart from it, there is laser cyclophotocoagulation and others.

There are long term advantages of laser surgery. The surgeries help lower intraocular pressure within the eye.

As with the surgery types, laser surgery carries risks and therefore a recommended surgeon has to be trusted 95zone. If you are looking for the right place from where you can get the laser surgery could be done then we are the one-stop place. It is necessary to discuss all queries or concerns about surgery with the doctor.

The eye doctor in Westchester in NY has to be chosen. The laser for glaucoma can be performed with us.

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