5 types of birth control options that can help to decide the best option for you

A majority of women across the globe use birth control at one or the other point. Nevertheless, it’s one of the easiest ways to take care of your future plans and spend life in the way you want to.

But you can easily find yourself spending a great deal of time and energy trying your hand on many types of birth control, and it’s obvious to get frustrated before you find the perfect option that suits you best. With a huge number of possibilities, it is quite obvious that you will start looking for many questions like where to start with or what to keep in mind, etc.

Short-acting hormonal contraception

Hormonal birth control usually involves regulating your body’s natural estrogen or progestin levels to avoid pregnancy. Frequent methods include birth control pills that you consume on a daily basis, a patch that you usually reinstate on a weekly basis, a vaginal ring that you replace on a monthly basis, or a shot your doctor gives you in the period of every three months fzone95. All these methods need a prescription. For a majority of women, all these methods prove to be nearly 91 percent to 95 percent effective at averting a pregnancy.

Long-term contraception

Long-term contraception can obviously prove to be an ideal choice if you want efficient and long-lasting birth control in the absence of a great deal of maintenance. Choices generally include an implant injected into your arm or an intrauterine device (IUD) injected into your uterus. These methods are nearly 99 percent effective at averting a pregnancy. They usually work fine for nearly 3–10 years, greatly depending on the specific method you choose.

One-time barrier contraception

There are a number of one-time barrier contraception such as condoms, sponges, diaphragms, cervical caps, and spermicide. They all work in a different manner, but they all form a sperm “barrier” during sexual intercourse and avert sperm from reaching an egg. In addition to this, condoms also protect against sexually transmitted infections and proudly remains the only birth control method to do so.

Permanent contraception

For women, tubal ligation or for men, vasectomy is a comparatively easy surgical procedure destined to make pregnancy an impossible thing. They’re nearly cent percent effective at averting a pregnancy. If you’re certain that you never want to have children in the future, they are obviously a great option to consider.

Emergency contraception

If you have intercourse without using birth control or your birth control fails, you can use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. If you need emergency contraception, there are mainly two types of pills available and a copper IUD also. It doesn’t matter which method you prefer, you must use emergency contraception as early as possible for it to be most effective.

The best birth control?

Obviously, it all depends on you. For starters, you should consider many things like what your intentions are, what your lifestyle looks like, how frequently you have sex if you have insurance or not, what makes you and your partner feel comfortable with, and what at all you want for the future.

As every woman is unique, the contraception that suits best for your friends or family may or may not be comfortable or efficient for you f95zone. But indifferent of the birth control method you go with, you should always use it as directed by your doctor for the minimum chances of pregnancy.

You can search this site to look for the best option that suits you. And it will certainly prove worth it for your health, your well-being, your mental freedom, and your future.

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